ColourArte Purely Pigments
ColourArte Purely Pigments

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For acrylic, epoxy resin, Jesmonite and all other mediums

NEW!! PURELY PIGMENTS BAKERS DOZEN Artist colors 13 x 30ml


Blood Orange- deep saffron red orange 

Lilac Lapis- violet blue 

Aztec Yellow- warm Indian yellow 

Oriental blue- pure ultramarine 

Green Shade Blue- phthalo blue green shade 

Red Shade Blue- phthalo blue red shade 

Electric orange- bright pyrrole orange 

Royal violet- deep red violet 

Sap Green- earthy green 

Hickory Green - Dark misty green

Old Rose- bright rose pink 

Mixing White- used to lighten without titanium dioxide 

Bone Black- Clean Deep Black 
13x 30 ml

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ColourArte Purely Pigments SET "1" 10X 30ML + 1 FREE Dancing Fuchsia

Bonus Color: Metallic Dancing Fuchsia Vibrant Rhodamine Violet in Dancing Blue Pearls 

Colors: Pure color, no shimmer/ Puur Kleur, geen metallic.
Mellow Yellow : Brilliant Pure Yellow, Golden Nickel: Pure Nickel Azo Gold , Perfect Peacock: Phthalo Green, Black Plum: Pure Diaxazine Violet , Sour Apple: Bright Lime Green Pure Magenta: Quinocrodone Magenta, Pink Papaya: Stunnng Coral Pink, Holly Berry: Bright Holly Berry red, Azure Blue; Pure Phthalo Blue , Deep Teal : Rich Turquoise 
30ml bottles
30ml Flesjes


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NEW! ColourArte METALLIC Purely Pigments 10X30ML

NEW Purely Pigment Metallic

Ruby Slippers Bright Red in Violet Pearls, Bright Gold: Rich Yellow in red gold Pearls , Cerulean Sea : Blue Green Shade in shimmering green and blue pearls , Eggplant : beautiful Aubergine color blue shade, Burnt Orange: Vibrant deep orange in orange metallic pearls , Chartreuse: Bright Lime Green in golden green pearls , Sunkist Pink: Pretty coral pink in red violet pearls, Elderberry: Blue red shade in blue violet pearls , Lagoon Blue: Rich aqua in blue green pearls, Lavendar Rose Violet in blue pearls.
30ml Bottles
30ml Flesjes

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